Reasons to move to Arizona

September 15, 2018 Off By Helen McCarter
Reasons to move to Arizona

Arizona has gained a reputation as a travel destination over the years. It is, however, also a city beloved by its residents. If you are contemplating moving to the dry Southwest, Arizona should be among your favorites. Moving to Arizona offers an abundant supply of amenities and facilities such as outdoor activities, schools, and sports. With a rapidly growing population, Arizona is also an excellent place to get jobs. The thriving financial and retail sectors provide the most job creation opportunities in the city.

Arizona is popular for its excellent quality of life as well as a strong appeal for tourists. The great weather in the city provides exceptional opportunities for outdoor activities. Even in the summer, it is very mild. Although sometimes the temperatures are exceptionally high, dry heat is not as uncomfortable as high humidity. Residents here also get to live within a five to fifteen-minute drive from work. With all these conditions, it is no wonder the city is experiencing rapid growth in population and urbanization.

Arizona also has abundant millennial and Gen X residents raising families in the area. In addition, the city’s school districts are often ranked high in the state with magnet and charter schools and an outstanding community college. The city is also in close proximity to the Arizona State University. Likewise, Arizona cities feature a lot of activities like accredited sports, recreational facilities and arts and museum culture. These features make Arizona appealing to families looking to move into the city. Arizona downtowns are known for nightlife. Condos and urban housing in the area have sprouted quickly to capture the increasing population of millenials moving into the area. Due to the largely young population, Arizona has grown to become one of the top art markets in the nation. Shopping has also been prioritized in the area with exquisite fashion shops such as Fashion Square which set high standards and trends in Fashion. The blend of art and culture with shopping, business and nightlife in Arizona is highly appreciated by residents and visitors of the city.

Arizona is renowned for golf, and consequently it is a big driver of the city’s economy and tourism. The Waste Management Phoenix Open prides itself as the most attended golf tournament in the world. The tournament brings an estimated 500,000 people to the city annually. The 16th hole, also a legendary tournament, has become so popular that the city is planning to make its temporary stadium permanent. Another huge draw for tourists is of course the baseball spring training for a few pro teams and the Arizona Scorpions. These popular sports coupled with top-notch restaurants such as Don & Charlie’s are just another reason you should consider buying a condo and living in the state.

One of the best local draws which is not known to many people is a waterfront that has canals dating back 1500 years. Arizona is also constructed capturing the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt, a former floodplain that was converted into lakes, parks, golf courses and paths meandering through the state. The world renowned green-space recovered from the floodplain is yet another great sight to behold and has played a key role in raising the city’s economic status. The Arizona Airport is in proximity and it has helped define the business environment. The airport has one of the busiest runways in the U.S., nearly all general and corporate aviation. The surrounding Airpark employs more than 50,000 people within a brief radius housing more than 2,500 businesses. Spas, hotels and other various tourist-focused businesses also add up toArizona’s vibrant economy. Arizona features so much more than just a great golf reputation.

There is no possible reason to ignore these Arizona cities when choosing a favorable area to purchase a condo and live. In real estate, time is very precious and prices could surge with increased demand and other economic factors. Start your research and see the best prices and locations in the cities to buy your apartment and make your move.